Speaking ahead of the Conservative Party conference this week, Prime Minister Teresa May confirmed on 1st October that the popular Help to Buy scheme is to be extended. This was amidst speculation that the scheme may be halted. There are a variety of options available under the Help to Buy umbrella, but the most frequently… Read More

A rising number of first time buyers are exploring beyond the boundaries of London to secure an affordable and practical first home. With our six branches running along the commuter belt, here is a quick overview of how they compare. Recent statics highlight that one in four first time buyers are opting out of buying… Read More

There are a lot of opportunities for First Time Buyers currently available. Along with Help To Buy, Government saving schemes (Lifetime ISA) and new build sites offering stamp duty paid, our competitive mortgage rate of the week, and Farnborough’s equally competitively priced homes could help First Time Buyers achieve more than originally planned. Seeking out your first… Read More

Recent changes to first time buyer schemes may have caused concern regarding your future home buying prospects. But let us reassure you, the future is still bright for first time buyers as we make sense of the current situation. Whilst we bid farewell to another eventful year, we also saw the end of the Help… Read More

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The Halifax has estimated that in 2014 first-time buyer numbers were at their highest level since 2007. Over the last 8 turbulent years property prices, lack of suitable available property, lending criteria, the cost of living and slow wage growth have all played a part in hampering the efforts of first time buyers entering the… Read More

Buying your first home can be a daunting experience but with Help to Buy unlocking finance for more people to get on the property ladder First Time Buyers are returning to the market. It’s important to speak to people with experience to get advice, this could be friends and family members as well as estate… Read More

The much publicised ‘Help to Buy’ scheme has focused mainly on assisting First Time Buyers but it also enables another very important group of people to move as well. There are many Buyers (who are also Sellers) and if this sector entered the market it will help address the main issue affecting the market today… Read More

The number of first time buyers entering the property market is at its highest level since November 2007, primarily attributed to the fall in mortgage rates, the average mortgage rate level decreasing from 4.92% in 2012 to 3.99% this year*. These more favourable conditions have allowed the number of first time buyer sales to rise… Read More

  Despite the imminent rate rises recently announced by certain major lenders, buying will remain cheaper than renting for the vast majority of the UK population however, it can be really tough to save enough money to buy your first property. First time buyers can benefit from the following new schemes which are designed to… Read More

I often here politicians complaining about high property prices preventing buyers entering the market. It got me thinking about why house prices are and have remained high. I read somewhere that if you are a First Time Buyer you need to be in the top 10% salary band! Unless you have a double first in… Read More